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As part of DB Schenker, Redhead International operate under the group compliance standards.

Standards in business conduct

DB Schenker stands for the transportation and logistics activities of Deutsche Bahn (DB) and is committed to comply with international and national law. Furthermore, the Group has defined DB’s Code of Conduct - ethical standards for business behaviour that are anchored throughout the company.

DB's Code of Conduct defines standards and expectations for day-to-day business activities of our employees and executives. Our managers act as role models in this respect.

Complying with statutory legislation
DB's Code of Conduct
Based on laws and DB's Code of Conduct, clear agreements have been made and still are being made within the DB Group and stand for ethical behaviour in business in accordance with rules and other regulations.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners
DB's Code of Conduct for BP
DB’s Code of Conduct for business partners commits our suppliers and business partners to comply with ethical and legal standards. It forms an important basis for cooperative business dealings.

Safeguarding of integrity
Report Concerns
DB Schenker aims to act in an ethical manner in all business transactions and in compliance with statutory provisions.

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