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Warehouse Cargo Handlers

We employ Cargo Handlers at five of the company sites, engaged in a variety of cargo handling work. Cargo Handlers are responsible for unloading cargo from vehicles, and loading cargo onto vehicles, but most importantly, ensuring that the correct cargo is handled in a safe and secure manner.

Cargo handlers are required to unload and load cargo in accordance with written manifests, checking in detail the identity of the cargo, and reporting back to the Transport Planners, should any detail on the manifest be inaccurate. It is important for the cargo handler to have good communication skills. When cargo is received it is vital that before signatures are given the cargo is thoroughly checked for good condition, and any damage or numerical discrepancy is clearly stated on the driver’s delivery note, and any such discrepancy is reported to the Transport Planners.

Loaded cargo must to stowed and secured to make sure that the cargo travels safely, and arrives in the same good condition as when it was loaded. This is essential because some of the trailers make long journeys across Europe, and also sometimes make very rough sea crossings, which can cause damage to inadequately secured cargo.

It is our intention to extend the use of Bar Code Scanners and a new Stock Control Software system, following their implementation at our Spartan Road site.

The ability to drive FLTs is essential in all areas. The majority of our FLTs are Diesel Counterbalance, but we also have Electric Narrow Aisle and Bendi FLTs at our storage facilities.


We employ both LGV drivers for both articulated and rigid vehicles, together with some non LGV drivers. The standards that we require from our drivers are high, as this is one of our most prominent roles and drivers really can make a big difference to how our company is perceived by both customers and the general public.

It is again essential that drivers whilst technically competent in all areas of driving, must be good communicators, to provide good feedback to the Transport Planners, and to ensure smooth and effective contact with our Customers at all levels.

Our fleet is modern and maintained to the highest standards, and we welcome applications from drivers who can achieve consistent high standards in all areas.

Drivers who have additional qualifications such as, ADR, FLT, Languages, and other skills, are particularly welcome.

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