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Transport Planners

At Redhead Freight Ltd, we employ many Transport Planners, whose roles are essentially the same but there are some variations dependant on the type of service offered, the destination, or the point of origin. Essentially Planners are responsible for the loading and routing of an entire vehicle or trailer with all the responsibilities that this entails.

The main function of Transport Planners is to fulfil the service requirements of our clients, whether these are third party or internal. In order to do this our Planners have to ensure that client needs are fully understood, clearly recorded, and achievable!

Having established the client needs, and where appropriate arranged for a quotation from our Sales Department, the Planner will arrange for cargo to be collected, and loaded on the next available transport either to final destination or to a loading point where cargo is consolidated. When the loading has been completed, manifested and despatched, the Planner will await confirmation of arrival at the delivery point before preparing the file for the preparation of invoices.

In the course of this process, the Planner, will need good two way communication skills, to clarify any queries which may arise at any point up to and after despatch.

Even after despatch the Planner must pre-advise the overseas or domestic depot of the load details, delivery instructions, and anticipated arrival date so that the depot can begin to organise their receipt and delivery plans.

Much of our work now is controlled by sophisticated computer software, and Transport Planning is no exception, allowing very significant volumes of cargo to be handled efficiently and safely.

Because the Transport Planner is often the first point of contact for our clients, it is important that they know how to liaise with our Sales & Administrative team to make sure the essential commercial aspect of any contract is handled correctly.

Transport Planners work in the following areas:

• UK Domestic Delivery/Collection
• Pallet Network Delivery/Collection
• Irish Export/Import • European Export/Import
• Non EC European Export/Import

Whilst all these roles are functionally similar, there are subtle differences in certain areas. However, the all important factor is the communication between all our Operational staff in all departments which allows us to provide seamless integration of services for the smallest to the largest of our clients.

UK Domestic Delivery/Collection

This work, involves the utilisation of our fleet of rigids and articulated vehicles (25), together with a number of sub-contractors used on an ad hoc basis. This department services both our own International Services, and its own direct Domestic clients, with a dedicated team of planners.

Pallet Network Delivery/Collection work

As a founder member of the Palletforce PLC, pallet work, covering the post code areas BD & HX, this rapidly expanding part of the business, operates a number of Double Deck trailers per night to the HUB in Lichfield, whilst liaising with our Domestic Transport Department, who collect and deliver to BD & HX from our Bradford depot.

Irish Export/Import

Our Irish Planners operate our own Artic Fleet (17) together with numerous regular trunking sub-contractors to allow us to handle up to 25 groupage trailer departures every night to Ireland. The domestic collections and deliveries which pass through our Dealburn Road depot, are handled by our Domestic Transport Dept.

European Export/Import

The European Planners are responsible for operating all our European Services (see service details) using a mixture of our own tractor/trailers, and a large number of regular sub-contractors from the UK and all areas of Europe. Whilst planning these services constant communication is essential with our Domestic planners to ensure that cargo arrives in time to catch the next European trailer, or urgent UK delivery for an import.

Non EC European Export/Import

The planning of shipments in these markets is identical to that for the EC European markets, with the exception that there is still the important area of Customs Documentation to deal with in addition. There has been a general tendency for less strict regulation, but it does remain in place, and compliance is very important. Specific markets here are Morocco, Tunisia, Ukraine, Belarus.

Freight Forwarder

The Freight Forwarder, is an International Transport Planner, who arranges transport by Land, Sea & Air, using the most appropriate means available, rather than prioritising the operators own fleet of vehicles. Effectively a purchaser of services from Airlines, Shipping Companies, Hauliers, but using their knowledge and skill to select the most competitive service that fulfils, what can be very complex customer requirements. The Freight Forwarders at Redhead Freight Ltd, are an important customer to the Domestic Transport Department and other Transport Planners.

Special Services

In this department we employ Transport Planners, who are at liberty to employ any means of transport appropriate to the very special needs of the customer. The services they can use include all the operational services provided by their Redhead colleagues, charters, part charters of planes, trucks, ships, couriers etc.

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