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Finance and Admin


We employ a number of staff in administration and roles, throughout the company, and their principal tasks are to handle the non-operational administrative work generated by our main operational work of International & Domestic Transport.

These roles range from the relatively straightforward handling, scanning, filing and distribution of documentation, which are a part of all office work, through to some quite specialised areas of administration. The majority of people with office work experience would be capable of our routine administration work, documentation handling, fielding telephone calls and general communications.

Our administrative positions should appeal to a wide range applicants with general office experience, but who have in addition more specific skills and experience, or who would like to acquire such skills.

Fleet Administration

This is at present handled by our Fleet manager and an Assistant. A minimum requirement to fulfil the complex duties of the Fleet Manager is an International CPC, together with considerable experience of the duties of care demanded of Vehicle Operators by the regulating authority – VOSA.

In addition this role manages the fleet for performance, economy, determines purchasing policy, and supervises the training of Drivers to make sure that the fleet operates to the highest standards.

The Assistant to the Fleet Manager, monitors and maintains the detailed records of both analogue and digital tachographs with our own software, together a wide range of performance related statistical information. This area is crucial to the Operations of the Company, both in terms of performance but also the equally important area of reputation.

General Administration

This area covers a wide range of responsibilities, which include HR, H&S, Insurance, Legal, Environmental, Training, and many other related matters which may arise. A team headed by the Administration Manager is responsible for these areas of activity, and we try to maintain high standards in all of them. This is also an area where legislation is constantly changing, and it is the responsibility of Administration to ensure that the company is aware of these changes, and also adheres to them.

Operational Administration

We do employ a number of administrative staff whose roles are closely linked with the Operational Departments in which they work, the positions can lead to Operational Jobs in time. These are vital support roles for our Transport Planners.

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